Zambia Association of Public Universities and Colleges (ZAPUC) is a body corporate representing the interest of public universities and colleges in Zambia. ZAPUC was formed in 2013.

The association is committed to quality service delivery to students, government and other stakeholders through mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.

The association aims to ensure that institutions follow ethical professional standards in the execution of their mandate, finding creative, innovative and modern ways of addressing the higher education challenges of accessibility, affordability (funding) and accountability. This aim shall be achieved through various concerted efforts from all member institutions. Some of the major activities to realize this aim, with the aid of ICTs, include undertaking short intensive training programmes, workshops and conferences aimed at sharing resources, new ideas, innovations, research outputs, challenges and alternative solutions. This will help the Public Universities and colleges to transform themselves in many ways in order to become more relevant, efficient and cost effective.

2022 Training Workshop

Theme: Towards Effective Management of Tertiary Education Institutions”


Management of tertiary education institutions has involved over time from when the function was wholly a public service by central governments through the partnerships era involving private sector to the current situation when the public and the private tertiary institutions are on a competitive path. This change in the paradigm calls for the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of these institutions to be equipped with a mix of competencies and skills beyond those that brought them to the present situation. The role of CEOs of tertiary institutions is an increasingly complex and challenging one and has taken on even greater importance in the current rapidly changing environment in which the higher education sector operates.

In Africa and the Sub-Saharan region, in particular, the myriad of factors ranging from financial to human resources constantly challenge the CEOs of tertiary education in the delivery of quality education. It is observed that the “Changing geo-political forces, adapting to the post-pandemic world; increasing competition, and the need to build new relationships - all call for a different kind of leadership that builds and sustains inclusion. Confident, capable leaders adapt, grow and diversify their talents, their teams and their institutions to respond to future challenges”. Professor Sir Steve Smith -UK Government International Education Champion, Prime Minister’s Special Representative to Saudi Arabia for Education lamented “When I became a VC there was no programme to help me prepare for the demands of the role. Whilst there are now programmes to help with the technical aspects of the role, a massive gap remains, and that is the focus of this programme: preparing incoming VCs for the change of role that becoming a VC represents. Just as in the film ‘Twenty Feet from Stardom’, the step up from DVC or Provost to VC is more than just an incremental step in a career – it is a move that requires different skills and dealing with a very different set of pressures”. Unfortunately, there is no formal platform for building capacity at this level of leadership in developing countries and this has been identified as a missing link in ensuring effective and impacting university leadership.

The Zambia Association of Public Universities and Colleges in pursuit of its objectives has identified this important missing intervention and so far, has carried two events addressing issues in this domain. This current Workshop under the theme “Towards Effective Management of Tertiary Education Institutions” to be held on 13th October 2022 will bring together CEOs (Vice Chancellors and Principals) of Universities and Colleges under the auspices of ZAPUC to share experiences related to the Effective Governance of Universities and Colleges.

Objective of the Workshop

This Workshop aims to stimulate discussions on the solutions to challenges in Tertiary Education institutions through sharing experiences on

  1. Trade Unions and Management of Tertiary Institutions
  2. Political interference/intervention and corporate performance in Tertiary Institutions
  3. Academic Freedom and Free Speech in the Context of academic inquiry in Tertiary Institutions
  4. Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education Institutions

Appreciation of the above will contribute to the provision of quality education in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and specifically, SDG #4.

Workshop Approach

This Workshop will be in a face to face mode with optional virtual presentations by the Facilitators.

The participation fees will cover meals and training hand outs, while participants will sponsor their own transportation and lodging costs in Kabwe. In case you need accommodation please send email to

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Board Chairperson


Prof. Annie Sikwibele

Prof. Sikwibele is the Vice Chancellor of University of Zambia and the current Chairperson for ZAPUC.
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